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VaultPress interview

I did a ‘lil interview for VaultPress about how my company was born and where it’s headed.

Modularity: A Multimedia Theme Framework

In addition to photography, I run a small web start-up called Graph Paper Press. The site peddles clean, minimalist web designs for WordPress, the content management software that runs this site.

Modularity is a highly customizable multimedia theme framework for WordPress. The theme design was developed with users who appreciate visual browsing and prefer a minimal layout, with their photos and multimedia featured front and center. Virtually every aspect of the theme design can be controlled from either the Theme Options page or the Homepage Settings page.

Modularity includes:

The theme includes “apps” which you can enable or disable from the Homepage Settings page. These apps can transform the theme into a portfolio site for photographers and multimedia producers, a magazine-style site, or a normal blog-style homepage literally at the click of a button. In the future, we will be releasing “child themes” for Modularity to provide design alternatives and additional applications that will make Modularity even more configurable. You’ll definitely want to subscribe to to keep up on all the latest developments and enhancements for Modularity.

Introducing Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press
“Over 1,500 hits in one day?” That was the question I asked myself the day after that I released Visualization, a premium magazine-style theme for WordPress, a popular online publishing system. Since then, I’ve released Gridline Magazine, Gridline News, and Gridline Lite to help feed the beast.

But, I had to ask myself, do my site visitors really care about all this WordPress jibberish? Likely not. So, I decided to curl up this weekend and make Graph Paper Press, a focused repository of WordPress themes created by me for you. The site accomplishes a few things, but most importantly, it makes it much easier to locate, preview, and download my theme designs.

So far, I’ve sold themes to people on every continent, except Africa. So get with it Zimbabweans! In all seriousness, the popularity of these themes has come as quite a pleasant surprise.

In the mean time, take a peek at Graph Paper Press.

Gridline Magazine Theme for WordPress

I’m on a bit of a web design and development kick lately. Earlier this week, I released the Visualization Theme for WordPress. Today, I’m releasing Gridline Magazine, a modular, minimalist, magazine-style theme for WordPress that supports a widgetized bottom bar and sidebar. Design features include:

  • All original PSD files, making all graphics easily customizable
  • All theme files, including the Blueprint CSS framework
  • Author archives template page for multi-author websites
  • Two page templates for narrow and wide column pages.
  • Web Standards Compliant
  • Backwards compatibility with, hiccup, Internet Explorer

You can download them all from

Visualization WordPress Magazine Theme


Visualization is one of the original “magazine-style” themes created for WordPress. It was released as a free theme, then it became a paid theme available through Graph Paper Press. Today, it’s a free theme again and can be downloaded by signing up for a free account at Graph Paper Press.

visualization magazine theme for wordpress
If you visit my site regularly or irregularly, you have undoubtedly noticed constant design changes, tweeks and dramatic overhauls. Chalk this one up to my obsessive compulsive nature and insatiable taste for modern, clean, minimalist aesthetics. So, after more than two years of fidgeting with dozens and dozens of WordPress themes I have decided to release my own theme for others to enjoy.

Visualization is a grid-based, magazine-style WordPress theme that is easy to customize and make your own. The CSS borrows heavily from Blueprint, a CSS framework that streamlines development by utilizing an easy-to-use grid and sensible typography. Visualization can transform your blog into a full-blown magazine or news Web site.

Visualization includes

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