Time Lapse Photography

Time Lapse

Take a peek at three time lapses that I shot a few weeks back for the Lawrence 24 Hour Project.

  1. Massachusetts Street. Total time lapse: 24 Hours. Frames per hour: 60. Total frames: 1440.
  2. My backyard. Total time lapse: 30 minutes. Frames per minute: 60. Total frames: 1800.
  3. Target. Total time lapse: 20 minutes. Frames per minute: 60. Total frames: 1200.

The Massachusetts Street time lapse was the most difficult to produce, since I didn’t have roof access at midnight. This meant I needed to mount the camera ahead of time and start the time lapse camera using a remote from the sidewalk 5 stories below.

I mounted a camera on a tripod atop the Weavers Building and wrapped the contraption in plastic on Wednesday around 3 p.m. I attached the camera to a pocket wizard remote and setup the remote to act as an intervelometer, which would trip the camera every minute, for a total of 1440 frames. I put the camera on program mode, set the white balance to daylight and set the pocket wizard to standby. I gave the camera a quick once-over, then left the camera on the tripod on the roof.

At midnight, I tripped the remote camera using a pocket wizard from the sidewalk below the building and crossed my fingers.  It worked!

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