Woodward Vacation

Woodward166 old.jpg
Phil Wasson at the State College, PA trails.

Ever since I was 15 I wanted to visit Woodward. To say that waiting 14 years takes patience would be an understatement. Props to Dennis McCoy for making the trip happen. He’s a bad ass for sure. And, I still owe him money for the rental car, so that makes him super bad ass.

I got to hang out with a few riders from Kansas City that I rarely get to ride with, namely Seth and Hunter, aka The Hoon Tar. Seth, who had only started riding vert the week prior to the trip, was pulling double whips onto the vert resi. The Hoon Tar learn back flip, tailwhip, and no hander. The Hoon Tar awesome.

All inside jokes aside, I had a blast and the crew was refreshingly positive and carefree. No major injuries, too, I think. John, did you make it to the doctor for your ribs?

Anyway, click here to see photos from the Woodward trip.. Like most BMX trips, I wish I had dedicated more time to shooting. But when your riding amazing skateparks, who wants to push buttons?


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those trails look amazing. i bet you all had a blast. i still have the trailboss and do some driveway-street now and then. but, its getting dusty.

i remember when woodward was built too, we were even thinking of making a trip way back in the day. so cool you all got to go.


My trailboss was gettin a little dusty as well.Workin on some new trails outside Duvall,WA.I will send yall some pics soon.

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