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Visualization is one of the original “magazine-style” themes created for WordPress. It was released as a free theme, then it became a paid theme available through Graph Paper Press. Today, it’s a free theme again and can be downloaded by signing up for a free account at Graph Paper Press.

visualization magazine theme for wordpress
If you visit my site regularly or irregularly, you have undoubtedly noticed constant design changes, tweeks and dramatic overhauls. Chalk this one up to my obsessive compulsive nature and insatiable taste for modern, clean, minimalist aesthetics. So, after more than two years of fidgeting with dozens and dozens of WordPress themes I have decided to release my own theme for others to enjoy.

Visualization is a grid-based, magazine-style WordPress theme that is easy to customize and make your own. The CSS borrows heavily from Blueprint, a CSS framework that streamlines development by utilizing an easy-to-use grid and sensible typography. Visualization can transform your blog into a full-blown magazine or news Web site.

Visualization includes


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Would this be hard to port to Movabletype? I’m looking to use the opensource version they’re releasing this month, and this theme would be exactly what I need for the new site I’m making! I would defiantely buy!


It should be fairly straight forward to port Visualization or the newly released Gridline Magazine theme for WordPress to Movabletype. The CSS Blueprint framework provides the positioning and default styles, and the custom css provides all the additional styling. The WordPress template tags would simply need to be converted to Movabletype tags. Hope that helps!

I’m working on using this layout for my company’s corporate blog. As I am a marketing person with basic knowledge of CSS and HTML, I”m having trouble editing the grid.css. How can I access it? Can you help?


Hi Thad, I came over here to demo the Visualization theme because it’s not working on There’s an error. Just an FYI. Love the clean, minimalistic, grid themes you put out there. Trying to find one that suits me right now.

Hi Thad,

First, thank you for sharing the Visualization Theme.
I am building a site utilizing this theme and would like to have the homepage be the full blog-roll instead of only the most recent post. Can you please steer me in a direction to find the code to do this or let me know what it is if you know.

Many Thanks

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