Introducing Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press
“Over 1,500 hits in one day?” That was the question I asked myself the day after that I released Visualization, a premium magazine-style theme for WordPress, a popular online publishing system. Since then, I’ve released Gridline Magazine, Gridline News, and Gridline Lite to help feed the beast.

But, I had to ask myself, do my site visitors really care about all this WordPress jibberish? Likely not. So, I decided to curl up this weekend and make Graph Paper Press, a focused repository of WordPress themes created by me for you. The site accomplishes a few things, but most importantly, it makes it much easier to locate, preview, and download my theme designs.

So far, I’ve sold themes to people on every continent, except Africa. So get with it Zimbabweans! In all seriousness, the popularity of these themes has come as quite a pleasant surprise.

In the mean time, take a peek at Graph Paper Press.

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