High speed mode

I once thought that high speed mode was simply just a camera function for increasing frames per second. I was wrong. It is also a lifestyle, to which I recently subscribed, albeit unconsciously.

During the month of December I…

  1. Traveled to Atlanta for three days for a photo shoot
  2. Traveled to Minneapolis for Christmas
  3. Worked well over 160 hours at my 9-5
  4. Designed and launched Graph Paper Press
  5. Designed and launched four WordPress theme designs for WordPress
  6. Hosted two small “get togethers” with friend and family
  7. Photographed a friend’s wedding in Kansas City
  8. And finally, I raked my yard. Yikes!

Yes, I’m tired. But, I’ve never been more excited about life, work and what I like to refer to as “play work.” Luckily, I received the Tolstoy of all phones for Christmas: The iPhone. It’s proving to help keep me organized, on top of email, and constantly distracted. So, in the mean time, take a peek at a few of the things I’ve produced during the tale end of 2007:

  1. My 2007 Year in Pictures at the Lawrence Journal-World
  2. Graph Paper Press
  3. A few photos from my friend’s wedding

Here’s to a less manic 2008!

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Hey Thad,
? about using gridline news and posts on the home page. i’ve created a post with some flash and assigned it to “news” category and it shows up in the “sports” cat. any clue as to what’s happening?
thanks, Steve L.

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