Modularity: A Multimedia Theme Framework

In addition to photography, I run a small web start-up called Graph Paper Press. The site peddles clean, minimalist web designs for WordPress, the content management software that runs this site.

Modularity is a highly customizable multimedia theme framework for WordPress. The theme design was developed with users who appreciate visual browsing and prefer a minimal layout, with their photos and multimedia featured front and center. Virtually every aspect of the theme design can be controlled from either the Theme Options page or the Homepage Settings page.

Modularity includes:

The theme includes “apps” which you can enable or disable from the Homepage Settings page. These apps can transform the theme into a portfolio site for photographers and multimedia producers, a magazine-style site, or a normal blog-style homepage literally at the click of a button. In the future, we will be releasing “child themes” for Modularity to provide design alternatives and additional applications that will make Modularity even more configurable. You’ll definitely want to subscribe to to keep up on all the latest developments and enhancements for Modularity.


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I’m very happy to find this module, Modularity. It is great with a beautiful layout and multimedia features which I could not find elsewhere.

Does this theme come with local language files such as Japanese? If not, I am a faculty member at a Japanese university, so I may be able to help you.

Kunihiko Harada

Hi Kunihiko

It doesn’t come with a Japanese language file. If you would like to help translate to Japanese, please email me and I’ll send you the theme.



I really like it, but I like it the way it works on this site better. It looks like a cross between modularity and modularity light, with some further changes still? As it is here would be about perfect for my needs, with the video player in it.

Thad, I was wondering how you’re handling the video? Are you using a Flash Media Server? Or are you doing some sort of stand-alone bandwidth detector? Basically how do you play such large videos without the usual *hiccups* and need to buffer?

Wow, lot’s of questions but I’m intrigued. You can answer straight to my email if it’s something you don’t want to divulge.

Like the theme too. I discovered your site 2 different ways in 1 week. One through the theme Gridline-lite and the other through HD video. I’m signed up as a member of Graph Paper Press.

Hi thad,
might be an old question, but i luv F8lite but am struggling to get the images to appear in the posts on the front page. I’m no css or wordpress expert, but would like to get the images in!
any advice would be greatly appreciated

The menu causes a conflict with Lightview
a issue from using both jQuery and prototype.js

How do you correct the conflict within the menu
so both will work?

I’ve researched jQuery.noConflict()
but not sure how to use it with the code for the menu nav.js

jQuery and Prototype are like oil and water. We made them play nice together in version 2.0 and higher. We are now at version 2.7.2. They work fine together now.

Hi there, thanks so much for this. Its great. The only thing though, is that im not able to disable the sidebar. Even when i click NO (disabled) and safe the theme settings, it will still appear yes the next time i open. Hope you can help. thanks.

I was wondering if this theme came with french language files? If not, would it be possible for me to help and translate it?


Hi Thad,

I like your theme alot and I have one now 🙂 but my slideshow on the frontpage seem abit stretched. I wonder how and what is the correct size for a perfect slidshow. 🙁 please help..

thank you

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