New job, new city

I’m moving to the Washington D.C. area to join USA Today at their headquarters in McLean, VA. Abby and I have spent the last week packing up our house so that it can all squeeze into an apartment. Yes, I’m a renter again.

I’ve had a great time in Lawrence at the Lawrence Journal-World and I will sincerely miss all the smart and creative in Lawrence.

If you are interested in my old job, apply for it here.


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We are about to purchase Modularity from you for use on our sports blog that is by coincidence based in the Washington, DC.

Hopefully you will have time for your themes, they are fantastic.

Congrats on the new job! Happy Holidays.


congratulations on your new job Thad! if you want to check out a wierd place in D.C, check this place out
Dont go if your feeling squeamish though. They have part of Lincolns skull with the bullet hole in it and the bullet and many well preserved specimans in formaldehyde. You can bring cameras in. Much happiness in your new digs, Pat Connor.

Wow, I remember my days at Lawrence High School looking at the Lawrence Journal World and flipping through to find your photos and study them. I could always tell the ones that were your’s and Bill Snead’s; they stood apart from the rest of the paper. I’m glad to see you are experimenting with new techniques and growing as a photographer. Good luck at USA Today, I will definitely be keeping up on your blog now that I found it (quite randomly).

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