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A daily photographic journal of things I see and do.

@abbyallender, extra crispy, Nicaragua.

A final plunge into the Pacific. See ya soon NYC homies. #nicaragua #maderaslife

If only “winter” meant the same thing in New York as it does here in Nicaragua. Here for the week with @abbyallender catching waves, rays and zzzzz’s ?

This uphill hike to the cabin with @abbyallender was pretty interesting. Distance: 1/4 mile. Temperature: 25 degrees. Snow depth: 2.5 feet. Cats in tow: 2. Food: 3 days worth. Sleds required: 2. Time: 30 minutes.

I’m in a fog #upstate

All stocked up #upstate

Cabin Olympics

Pittsburg is sweet! Road trippin’ w/ @deeeeestroy @jonlynnjonlynn

Stay warm homies! #snow #dumbo

#hashtags errywhere! Killer weekend at Cranx with @deeeeestroy

Parents are visiting from Kansas and I’m thrilled to show them the best city on earth. Love ’em dearly. #family

Bikes, buds, camp, repeat. Pretty sweet weekend in PA with @deeeeestroy @jonlynnjonlynn #scottishsteve @canyoudigitbmx #bmx #ponies #toothewoods #cityboysgonecountry

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