Graph Paper Press

Graph Paper Press is a Wordpress project that happened by total accident.

Graph Paper Press is an online side project of mine that happened by total accident. When I began the arduous task of updating my photography Web site in 2002, I didn’t realize that I was about to embark on a never-ending journey into the bowels of the internet.

After experimenting with countless content management systems to run, I finally discovered WordPress. At the time, WordPress didn’t accomplish what was required for managing a growing photography, video, and multimedia Web site. So, I began to tinker…and tinker…and tinker…and, well, you get where I’m going.

Because of WordPress, my photography Web site began to reach an entirely new audience of readers who liked how I had tweaked my site. I decided to release my first public WordPress theme, Visualization, and soon thereafter, I launched Graph Paper Press in December of 2007 to house most of my WordPress-related activities. At the core, Graph Paper Press focuses on creating graphically minimal, content-rich designs that provide readers with multiple entry points to access content of all shapes and sizes.

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