Gridline Magazine Theme for WordPress

I’m on a bit of a web design and development kick lately. Earlier this week, I released the Visualization Theme for WordPress. Today, I’m releasing Gridline Magazine, a modular, minimalist, magazine-style theme for WordPress that supports a widgetized bottom bar and sidebar. Design features include:

  • All original PSD files, making all graphics easily customizable
  • All theme files, including the Blueprint CSS framework
  • Author archives template page for multi-author websites
  • Two page templates for narrow and wide column pages.
  • Web Standards Compliant
  • Backwards compatibility with, hiccup, Internet Explorer

You can download them all from


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Hey i’m interested in buying this theme…but i can’t see a preview anywhere, broken links appear…Can i see it elsewhere? i want to check if it fits my needs. Thanks!

I started using this awesome theme just the other week. I’ve been playing around with the different theme options and the thing I love about this theme is the feature posts + blog all on the homepage. The problem is, whenever I select to show the blog, nothing appears. It’s just one big empty space. Any idea why that would be?

Other than that. Great theme for showing lots of posts and engaging your readers.


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