My Nokia PhoneWith all this blogging going on about the iPhone, I figured that it was time to pay homage to the iPhone‘s more capable older sibling: the Nokia 312ob RH-50. The more than 300,000 blogs and millions of comments on blogs about the iPhone makes me wonder if we all have too much time on our hands. I mean, aren’t we fighting a couple wars right now? But who am I to chastise others about iPhone obsession? I’m a guilty as anybody. But today, I’m here to praise the Nokia 312ob RH-50.

Lets get things straight. This phone is dope. Every number has a button. That’s right, every single one. Although the Nokia only has one volume level, I can still hear almost every phone call. It has this really smart feature programmed in so that everytime I power it on, I have to reset the time and date. This helps keep me on point.

For the past year or so, I’ve been secretly billed $20 each month for a data plan for the phone. This gives me unlimited access to the internet, email, IM, you name it. Too bad I just found out the phone is incapable of doing any of that. But just think of the possibilities! It also has cool applications like Media Mall, Services, Rayman Bowling and Darts. I love Darts. That’s something everyone needs.

If the phone had a camera, I’m sure it would be great, because the gallery application built into the phone sure has a lot of empty room for great photos.


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internet? data? text messages? i cant believe you put up with these bourgeois shenanigans.

congrats on the mining award. get rid of the phone and buy
a newton. ride the future, baby.


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