Statue of Liberty panoramas

These panoramas were shot on assignment for USA TODAY inside and around the Statue of Liberty in the New York Harbor.  The trek to the top of the statue, which has been closed since the 9/11 attacks, reopens to the public on July 4, 2009.

The last panorama, shot inside the crown of Lady Liberty, was the most technically difficult panorama that I have ever shot.  I knew beforehand that I wanted to allow viewers to see out of the windows.  After all, without the view from the top, the small room at the top is really quite uninteresting.  The exposure for the interior was about 1/2 second at f8.  The exterior was about 1/250.  Bracketing was obviously required so that I didn’t “blow out” the windows.  Because the camera lens was about 4 inches from the edge of the window at times, parallax became an issue, especially with the final shot required to complete the panorama:  The down shot, a.k.a., the nadir.


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Thad – I have a lady wanting BMarley pics for a audio book color and b&W don’t know what to quote her and where can a guy get a contract for such a thing? are you doing ok? busy I have a friend in Washington I will visit in spring are you close Richard Happy New Year.

great work. i love your gpp themes too. i am also inspired by the panoramic format and i know how tricky it can be to get in the right spot for a good shot.

i am so glad to hear that the statue is open once again. looks like a wonderfully strange place to visit.

Awesome work man. Really digging the panoramas….
Saw your stuff over on GraphPaper. Especially love the bmx shot and the way you lit it.

Keep it up!!

Hi Thad,
Great idea. Thanks for taking us inside the statue.
It definitelly looks better from the outside and the view from the head windows isn’t that breathtaking either.
Fortunatelly the view is not what the statue stands or was made for.

When i went to Statue in the year 2008, I did not know photography. But now am a commercial photographer plus did lots of 360 commercials. I can’t wait to go back again and shoot a 360. Will share once am done.

And, I like the very simplified version of navigational controls. What exporting s/w do you use thad?

I thought you may like this panoramic interesting.

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Simply awesome and seamless. How did you do the inside panoramas while also giving view outside the windows. I always have trouble with that, Any suggestions??


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